One of the most crucial times when you or a loved one may need help, support and something to believe in is when experiencing chronic pain. But more than that, we need to know that we can overcome chronic pain.


These scientifically-grounded bites of knowledge are from chronic pain therapy app – Pathways. If you’re someone that suffers from chronic pain, there’s more info on our app at the bottom of this post.


But first, without further adieu, here’s those thought-provoking chronic pain quotes that you came looking for…

"Pain is just your brain's opinion of what's going on in your body. We can change that opinion."

Pathways Explanation: Your body does not tell your brain what hurts and how much. Instead, your body sends warning signals to your brain that something might be wrong. It is then solely up to your brain to decide based on the signals from your body, your past experiences, future intentions and a whole load of other information, how much pain to create. Sometimes your brain can create too much pain, and even create pain when it’s not needed. This is a sign of an overactive pain system and it’s when we need to step in and re-calibrate it.

"Your brain will develop wherever you focus it's attention. Focus on pain relief."

Pathways Explanation: If all that you think of and focus on is pain or the expectation of pain, that is all you will experience. We need to break this cycle, and replace pain creating behaviors with behaviors and thoughts that encourage pain relief. We need to strengthen the neural pathways that are not associated with pain.

"When pain sets in and you feel fear or anxiety, that tells your brain that the pain is necessary. Control these thoughts, control the pain."

Pathways Explanation: Pain is a protective mechanism and it’s fueled by fear and anxiety. By simply removing the fear and anxiety around pain, you can dramatically reduce or even eliminate chronic pain.

"Phantom limb pain is the perfect example of unnecessary pain that occurs in the majority of amputations. Chronic pain is simularily useless"

Pathways Explanation: Once you understand on a deeper level that not all pain is necessary or justified – as is most often the case with chronic pain – that will be a major tool in helping you to dial the pain down.

"Pain shouldn't be treated as just a symptom. It's a condition in itself and your thoughts are the treatment"

Pathways Explanation: When most people feel pain, they automatically think it’s because something is wrong with them. That’s almost always true with acute pain, and almost always wrong with chronic pain. Medical professionals need to start treating chronic pain as the ailment in itself, and not as a symptom of something that might be mechanically wrong with you.

"By deciding what thoughts and emotions you have, you control your brain and body's chemistry"

Pathways Explanation: Emotions such as laughter, hope and excitement about your future cause your body to release feel good chemicals such as dopamine. Emotions such as fear, anxiety and negativity release not so good chemicals such as cortisol. By deciding what emotions you’ll allow, you access your body’s medicine cabinet and can directly turn down pain.

"Pain you probably enjoy: muscle pain after gym, a deep massage, and so on. Your perception of pain is everything"

Pathways Explanation: When you feel pain, you’ll instinctively relate that to what you believe is going on in your body. If you believe that the pain is causing you harm, that will fuel the pain. If you believe that the pain is doing you good or as is most often the case with chronic pain – just completely unnecessary – that will directly affect your experience of pain and allow you to control it.

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